Trooper Royal Carter enlisted in the Ninth Cavalry, U.S. Army, March 7th, 1941, and was assigned to the G-3 Section of Regimental Headquarters, in Fort Riley, Kansas. My duties were as a topographical drafts-man, producing maps for training operations. During the course of this assignment, I was promoted to the ranks of Corporal and Sergeant, with additional duties as a Regimental Color Guard.

In June 1942 I was transferred to the Fourth Cavalry Brigade Headquarters, at Camp Funston, Kansas, assigned to the G-3 Section, and promoted to the grade of Staff Sergeant. On July 30, 1942 the Fourth Brigade Headquarters was transferred to Camp Locket, Calif, and I was subsequently promoted to the rank of Tech. Sergeant, in December 1942. I was ordered as apart of a Cadre, Headquarters Fifth Cavalry Brigade, Fort Clark, Texas, and promoted to the rank of. Master Sergeant. I performed the duties of Brigade Sergeant Major for six months.

I was discharged from the Service, as a Master Sergeant on June 19, 1943, and sworn in as a Warrant Officer, Junior Grade on June 20th, 1943, and assigned to duty as Assistant Adjutant. In December 1943, I was promoted to the grade of Chief Warrant Officer (WO-2). The Fifth Brigade Headquarters was shipped to Oran, Algeria, with elements of the 2nd Cavalry Division in February 1944, and the 9th & 10th Cavalry Regiments were deactivated.

After serving as a Personnel Officer in a Personnel Processing Unit, assigning soldiers to Port Battalions, Quarter Master, and Engineering Units, for approximately three months. I was assigned as the Personnel Officer of 525th Port Battalion. I performed the duties of the Personnel Officer, Postal Officer, and Special Services Officer of the 525th Port Battalion, from June 1944 to November 1945 in Algeria, Italy, France, and Germany.

I returned to the United States in November 1945. I was separated from the service at Fort McArthur, Calif. as of January 27, 1946. I was credited with 4 years 10 1/2 months of Military Service, 21 1/2 months of overseas service, and participation in the North African, Central Europe, and the Rhineland Campaigns.

Trooper Carter lives in Los Angeles California. He is retired from the US State Department, and is a active member of Los Angeles Chapter of the Ninth & Tenth (Horse) Cavalry Association.

He has held the position of Chapter’s Treasurer for many years, and because of his hard work. The chapter is financially sound.

Now he is in charge of the scholarship committee, and you can find him looking for good high school candidates to give chapter’s grant money to.

He stated, “It was an honor to serve in the Ninth Cavalry Regiment , and the memory will live with me forever”.