Served in the Ninth Cavalry Regiment from 1940 to 1944 Rank of PFC F Troop.


Trooper Curtis L. James born in Texarkana Texas, graduated from Macedonia High School May 1940.

At 18 yr of age joined the regular army for three years in Texarkana Texas, sent to Little Rock Arkansas for final physical exam then sent to Ft Riley Kansas. He was assigned to F Troop 9th Horse Cavalry Regiment, six weeks basic training. Then off to Cook & Baking school; Clerical school; Horse Shoeing, and Transportation schools.

After all his training, he was assigned to Gen B.O.Davis SR., the first black General in the US Army, as his Orderly. The sun shine bright on a good Trooper who does his duty well. He had the honor to serve as Personal Orderly to his son B.O. Davis JR., who was a Captain at that time, and helped him pack his belongings for his trip to take command of the 99 Pursuit Squadron in Tuskegee. This unit later on became the famous Tuskegee Airmen with red tail color on their fighter planes.

He was later transferred to the 3183 Quartermaster Service Co., and came to Calif. were he served at Camp Hahn, Camp San Luis Obispo, and Ogden Utah. Then off to Louisiana for maneuvers, left there to Ft Dix N.J. and onto New York Harbor for overseas. He landed on “D-Day” in North Africa. Then to Anzio Beach; Palermo Beach, and Salerno Beach all in the invasion of Italy. Trooper James earned four Bronze battle stars; Good conduct, and five other medals; ribbons; Marksman rife; Ruptured Duck LAPCI Button. He was Honorable Discharged in 1945.

Fiddler's Green ceremony was held for Trooper James on April 27, 2004, in Los Angeles, Calif. The Chapter will miss him greatly because he was a very active member of the L.A. Chapter of the Ninth & Tenth (Horse) Cavalry Association. You could always find him giving lectures and talks to young school children about the history of the “Buffalo Soldiers”.